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Paws for Hope Animal Foundation

Paws for Hope Animal Foundation was founded in 2011 to address the welfare needs of animals within our communities. A focus of the Foundation is enhancing collaboration and capacity building in order to create sustainable solutions for issues currently left unchecked. Paws for Hope works with homeless and low income pet guardians through partnerships with several organizations in B.C. communities, such as, Lookout Society, RainCity Housing and Support Society, Directions Youth Services, and Seniors Services Society.

Dr. Llewellyn has been involved with Paws for Hope since its founding year and acts as the organizations Clinic Director, overseeing the Animal Health Clinics that are run in communities throughout the lower mainland. Our team at Scottsdale Veterinary Hospital also works closely with the pets seen at the clinics providing follow-up care and education to their guardians.

The Foundation aims to advance animal welfare in B.C. by collaborating with reputable rescue groups and other welfare organizations, through community outreach and public awareness programs, and to address issues important to welfare within our communities through strategic planning with partners throughout the province.