BC Guide Dog Services

BC Guide Dog Services was incorporated as a registered charity in 1996. In December 2008 they founded Autism Support Dogs and continue to work in partnership with this organization. BC Guide Dogs provides trained “seeing eye” dogs to the visually impaired for the cost of one dollar. A network of volunteers train the puppies in their homes from 7 weeks of age until they go into formal training at around 15 months of age. Other volunteers raise the parents or brood stock and help care for the litters of puppies from birth to 7 weeks of age.

Dr. Irene O’Brien has been the chief veterinarian for the guide dog program for many years. Our veterinarians at Scottsdale Veterinary Hospital provide medical expertise from vaccines and wellness exams, to genetic screening tests, x-rays for orthopaedic soundness, spay and neutering, and for all the little or big things in between, such as sore ears, vomiting and diarrhea (even guide dogs-in-training sometimes eat things they should not).

BC Guide Dog Services relies on donations from sponsors and the public to continue the important work they do. To help support this great charity we host an annual “Photos with Santa” on a Sunday afternoon in early December – watch our website for this year’s date and come out to support a great cause and have your special friend’s photo taken. All donations go directly to BC Guide Dog Services.