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Scottsdale Veterinary Hospital offers complete comprehensive medical and surgical care for your pet

  • Fully equipped surgical suite maintained to AAHA's rigorous standards with two operating tables, Isoflurane anesthetic machines, circulating hot water blankets to keep our patients warm, and trained technologists to monitor anesthesia and patient recovery.
  • Soft tissue and elective surgeries, such as spaying and neutering.
  • In-hospital TPLO (cruciate repair) surgery by board certified orthopedic surgeon.
  • Diagnostic instruments including EKG, Doppler, pulse oximeter.
  • Endoscopy and colonoscopy.
  • Digital xray allowing for instant high resolution imaging and the ability to electronically transfer images to other hospitals or specialists. Digital xrays can be copied at no charge to a disc to take home.
  • In-hospital ultrasounds by board certified radiologist.
  • Critical care oxygen administration via specialized chamber.
  • Veterinary technologist living on the premises, allowing after hours treatments and periodic monitoring as directed by doctors.

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Full dental facilities

  • Dental xray.
  • Dental consultations and cleaning (prophylaxis).
  • Dental extractions as required.
  • Restorative and endodontic (root canal) capabilities.
  • Client education and dental home care/prevention. 

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Multiple exam rooms and diagnostic analysis

  • Three regular examination rooms.
  • Plus an additional separate isolation ward in hospital for infectious patients.
  • Reproductive problem analysis, staging of estrus and artificial insemination.
  • Behavioural consultations.
  • Dermatology consults and limited grooming, like dematting.
  • Comprehensive diagnostic laboratory analysis.
  • Computerized medical records and vaccination reminder system.
  • Boarding of dogs requiring medical attention. Boarding of all cats.

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Complete pharmacy

  • Full selection of safe and effective flea, tick and intestinal parasite control products.
  • Medicated shampoos.
  • Products and supplements for joint stiffness.
  • Prescribed medication and antibiotics.
  • Products and supplements for dogs and cats to help alleviate troubled behaviours and anxieties, such as fireworks.

Food & retail products

Prescription and therapeutic diets available (prescription diets with prior doctor consult).

  • Treats to give medication or for dental benefits  
  • Retail health-care supplements     
  • Nutritional consultations.
  • Complete range of therapeutic diets including a wide range of hypoallergenic diets and treats.
  • Life stage diets for kittens, puppies, adult dogs and cats.
  • Ask us about our weight control diets and weight loss program if you have a chubby pet. Obesity is an endemic problem in our pets as much as it has become in us, and leads to a multitude of health risks and shortened life spans. We have trained staff to help you manage your pets transition to a weight loss diet and the monitoring of their weight loss until their goals are achieved.

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