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In acknowledgement of a healthy work-life balance, and with the availability of numerous reliable emergency veterinary clinics in our surrounding area, we will now be CLOSED ON STATUTORY HOLIDAYS effective immediately. We will also be CLOSED SUNDAYS for the immediate future with a plan to reevaluate Sunday hours the end of May. We thank all of our clients for their understanding with the changes and disruptions over this past year as we have worked through renovations and on policies to enhance you and your pets's experience with us here at Scottsdale Veterinary Hospital.

For emergency concerns after hours, please call:


For medication refills or special orders please call (604-590-2121) or email (reception@scottsdalevethospital.com) at least a few days prior to completing your current prescription or a week prior for any special order products. We are in the process of exploring options for an online webstore to be linked to our website that will help make refills and ordering much easier in the future.

From the Scottsdale Veterinary Team, we thank you.

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Call us at 604-590-2121.

Fall Tips to keep your Pet Safe & Comfortable

Fall Tips to keep your Pet Safe & Comfortable

As we enter the wet and cool months of autumn and approach the colder months of winter, there are a few safety measures for our pets to keep in mind.


  • Guests and visitors increase during this time of year. Be conscientious in regards to your pets. This can be very stressful for them. Especially with Halloween and the many people coming and going, in costume no less.
  • On Halloween night, keep your pets safe and inside. If they become spooked they may run away out of fear.
  • This time of year comes with a frequent use of firecrackers and fireworks being set off in our neighbourhoods. This can be very frightening to our pets. Ensure they have a safe place away from windows and doors and as quiet as possible. Do not try and console your pet if they are anxious, this can reinforce the behaviour and the anxiety that they are feeling. Speak in a normal calm voice and attempt to distract them. For some pets, antianxiety medications are needed to keep them safe and stress free. Please speak to one of our staff if you have a pet that may require this.
  • With all the visitors, there are often times lots of sweets and treats available. Remember pets should not be fed the food that we eat. Chocolate, raisins/grapes, macadamia nuts and xylitol for instance are toxic. Some treats like lollipops and plastic wrapped candies can be choking hazards.
  • Warm car engines can be a safe refuge for cats and wild animals. Be cognisant of whether any animals are around your vehicle before starting the engine.
  • Older pets or those with joint injuries can become more stiff and sore as the weather cools and dampness sets in. Let us know if your pet exhibits any signs of concern.
  • As the weather cools, be aware that if your pets go outside they can be at risk for hypothermia and frostbite. Bring your pets in at night, and on days that are cold. Ensure there is always some form of warm shelter to protect your pet from the elements if they get caught outside when the weather turns.
  • Antifreeze will soon be switched to cold weather varieties. Make sure to look out for pet friendly antifreezes. But, be aware, many others do not use such products and antifreeze poisoning can be deadly. Contact your veterinarian immediately if you suspect your pet has been exposed to antifreeze, as time is essential to saving their lives if ingestion did occur.

If you have any concerns about keeping your pet calm this Halloween or would like to speak to one of our doctors about your pet's joint pain, please call us to set up an appointment. Scottsdale Veterinary Hospital is here to help.

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