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"It is with mixed emotions that I announce my retirement from Scottsdale Veterinary Hospital after 30 years. I have sold my shares in the practice and as of the end of September 2017; I will no longer be a full time member of the Scottsdale team. I look forward to entering my "semi retirement" as a locum or relief veterinarian for Scottsdale Veterinary Hospital and other well-respected hospitals in British Columbia. I hope to continue a part time career as a veterinarian, ski instructor (now 18 seasons with Whistler/Blackcomb), as well as, continue to serve my profession as a councillor of the Canadian Veterinary Medical Association and director of the Society of British Columbia Veterinarians."

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Motion Sickness

Motion sickness

If the thought of putting your pet into the car makes one or both of you nauseated, we can help!

Motion sickness can affect dogs as well as people. In dogs it usually begins with nausea and drooling and can quickly progress to vomiting. When this happens it can make the car ride unpleasant for everyone.

To solve this problem you must desensitize your pet to the motion of the car. Some dogs will start to drool if even near the car because they have come to associate the car with feeling sick.

The first step is to simply put your dog in the car (do not start the engine initially) and have them learn it is a safe place. Use the kennel or seatbelt harness as you normally would and just let them relax - take a book and read a few pages while you wait. Once they have settled you can give a treat or play with a toy to make the experience even more positive. Repeat this until they are comfortable, then progress to starting the engine and waiting a few minutes for them to relax, again give a treat or play a game.

From here you can progess to backing the car down the driveway and returning.  When they are comfortable with this, you should be able to progress to a short trip around the block. Try to do the training on an empty stomach to increase your success. Gradually as your dog gets used to the movement he or she should start to enjoy the rides and even look forward to them.

If your pet still struggles with nausea after trying this desensitization program talk to your veterinarian and we can decide if a product like gravol might be suitable or if the anti-nausea medication Cerenia might be a better choice for your 4 legged friend. Cerenia lasts for 24 hours, so it might be a good choice if you are planning a long road trip.

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